Santa Cruz, March 2016

Our family was blessed with a stay at a house near Twin Lakes Beach

Of course 1st we had to get there. So let the road trip begin!

reducing the insect population

This is definitely a house near the beach

One of our first stops was to see the train at Roaring Camp, because Spidey loves trains!

This was a really fun train ride through forest of giant trees. They take you  to a spot up in the mountains so you can walk around and explore a while.

Nothing makes Spidey happier than trains do

Then there is a trail you can walk that has plenty of information on plaques so you know what wonders you are looking at. The trail ends at a nature center with even more information about the animals in the forest.

The next day we decided to visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Amusement Park, but first we hit the Pier. On the pier there is fishing, food, shopping, and candy, but also sea lions! These guys were swimming around and lounging  on the pier.

Ok, on to the rides but first, a visit from these cute otters!

One last stop before the amusement park, the bridge from the Lost Boys! As children of the 80’s we absolutely had to stop by an check it out.

Then on the fun and games of the amusement park!

there is also so many great local activities from farmers markets to banana slug hunting*. Plus great eateries, like Pizza my Heart

Valerie loved the name, we all loved the pies

We had a wonderful time, and found plenty of places we’d like to visit next time we’re in town. To see more of the photographs we took (and there are plenty 🙂 ) just click on any of the images.


*Note: Banana slug hunting might not be an actual thing.



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