Columbia Memorial Space Center

I went with Spidey for some edutainment at the Columbia Space Center

Spidey’s preschool teacher (Who is awesome) recommended we check out the Columbia Memorial Space Center so he can get some extra learning in, because he is so inquisitive.  They have classes available for kids of all ages, in addition to field trips and scout programs. When we went, the class was on telling time, from how the Mayan calendars worked to making a clock on a paper plate.

It is called a space center, but it is more of a memorial and tribute to Space Travel, and a fun kids museum all rolled into one.

Paper airplane launcher!

Spidey loved it, and well definitely head back soon. They pack a lot of fun activities, information and educations into a small two-story building.

More pictures from that morning are at this link. Any question? Just ask in the comments.


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