Marine Mammal Care Center, January 2017

Hey guys and gals, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. We had some problems with the site, that needed to be worked out (Long story short, always back up/save). We don’t really post on any sort of schedule, but we’ll get back to blogging about our trips as soon as we return from them, and start posting about the ones we missed while the site was done.

OK, so here’s a quick post about a hidden gem in San Pedro, the Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

The Los Angeles Marine Mammal Care Center is a hospital for the marine mammals that are sick and injured in LA County. No ticket or reservation needed, if they are open, you can stop by for a visit.

This guy was probably looking to steal some lunch

The MMCC offers group tours and field trips for a small donation

You probably won’t spend a long time there as you would a zoo, but with so much else to do in San Pedro it’s definitely worth the drive.

I didn’t take many pictures (we have to stay a safe distance away), but you can see the photographs I did take here.

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