Falconry Show, February 2017

My wife surprised me with an awesome gift, a falconry show!

Adam’s Falconry Service puts on these excellent shows on the weekends (all the birds have weekday 9-5 jobs).

It starts out with him explaining what he does, what the birds do, and how they train (they are really good about answering all your questions!), and then off to  the field for a quick demonstration

Then back for each person to get a taste of being a falconer! You get snack for the hawk, and call him over, and marvel (or panic, in some people’s case) as they fly over to you!

Next they explain some more about the differences between the birds and the jobs they can do. Finally there’s a photo opportunity with a couple more birds, ending with a large owl!

I had a great time, and learned so much, I’ll definitely go back with the kids later. There are more pictures from that morning here. You’ll notice there are no pictures of my wife, as she has a strict no birds policy.


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