Renaissance Pleasure Faire – Irwindale, April 2016

We decided to take the family to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA.

can you find the hidden toddler?

We decided to brae the heat, and head to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the Santa Fe Dam recreation area. We also picked one of the themed weekends, so that the kids could wear their pirate costumes

All dressed up . . .
. . . and hanging with the villains

It’s set deep in a camp ground, we arrived early (highly suggested as parking fills up very quickly and the walk to/from the car can be rather long). My suggestion: get there as close to opening as possible to secure the best parking spots, or pay for the upgraded/closer parking. The faire has several other themed weekends (time traveler, pirates, steampunk etc.) throughout its run so be sure to check the website to pick a weekend that has a fun theme for your family.  As soon as we entered, costumed characters engaged the kids and brought big smiles to their faces. The faire is Very large with several stages boasting varying talents: improv, a one-man Shakespearean show, fire eating, jousting, a comedy troupe, music, falconry, puppet shows, belly dancing and more!

We spent most of our time in the kids area where they had a puppeteer story teller show and invited our daughter on stage to literally be part of the show. Our son loved the treasure hunt (a giant sand box set up in the kids area with various “jewels” hidden) and the faire haasseveral free craft areas and some pay craft sections where children (or kids at heart) can make their own special memories/souvenirs.

one-of-a-kind fairy house

Our daughter made a fairy house and a rag doll and there was an attendant there at all times leading the craft but allowed the children to really embrace their art and never rushed them nor limited them on the amount of “flair”, even helping with my daughters very complicated dress requests for her rag doll. While our daughter wanted to showcase her artistic side our son wanted to try throwing stars, archery, and basically anything else manly and weapons related.

What could possibly go wrong?

Like any fair, the food was a must do….I absolutely LOVED my turkey leg and the homemade potato chips were absolutely delicious. We ended our lunch with a very refreshing root beer float for James, ice cream sundae for my friend and I some fruit sorbets served in bowls made from fruit for the kiddos.

Now since the Renaissance Faire is nestled into a camp ground, there is only one “modern” restroom, but I was very impressed with the amounts of porta-potties and the cleanliness of them! We left after about 5 hours because we were all very hot and very tired (even though there were way more shows and things to do). My only negative ting to say about the faire is the heat…96 degrees in April! Also, many of the activities  have an additional fee, so be prepared to budget some extra cash in addition to the entry fee. Just fin a way to stay cool, and you’ll have a very enjoyable time at the Renaissance Faire.

here’s what they bought

Any questions? Any great Ren Faire memories? let us know in the comments!

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