Medieval Times

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Medieval Times but we had an afternoon free, and the kids hadn’t been, so we figured, “Why not?”

I can honestly say that, I’m glad we went. the kids absolutely loved it! Lolo loved the horses, and Spidey of course loved all the action. There were some plot details that they didn’t quite understand, but the definitely enjoyed the show overall.

Our knight giving Lolo a rose definitely helped

We had great seats, but this was a weekday afternoon. If you want guarantee a great seat, you can buy a ticket package that includes VIP seating. We were close enough to give the blue knight a hi-five, not that I recommended hi-fiving a guy in a complete set of armor.

The games they play in the beginning are great, and here the horses really get to strut their stuff. The second half of the show is when the combat starts, and the knights get to show of their skills.

Not surprisingly, this was Spidey’s favorite part of the show

The food is good, nothing special but there is plenty of it, you definitely won’t leave hungry. There are a few things to see in do in the castle outside of the show, and plenty of shopping of course. But there is plenty to do in Buena Park of course, so you could make a full day, or whole weekend full of family friendly activities if you wanted to.

If you aren’t near Buena Park, try one of their other locations . Click on any of the images to see all the photographs we took. It was difficult to get pictures of the horses in motion, and the falcon in the dark, but I tried 🙂

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