Disney Mexican Riviera Cruise, 2017

We couldn’t pass up the chance to go back on the Disney Wonder when she berthed in San Diego!

We were ready for pirate night this time!

short review: Take a Disney cruise, it is absolutely worth it! (especially if they are at a local port)


We have actually been on the Disney Wonder before, but it has since been renovated. The Wonder is one of the smaller and older of the Disney cruise ships but it is mighty. There is plenty to see, and more than enough to keep you busy the entire trip.

If you love the characters, Disney cruise ships have plenty of opportunities for you to meet them. Characters are randomly roaming around (that’s how Spidey met Pluto), or you can check the times posted for photographs and meet and greets, and for the super popular characters they have ticketed events so you can schedule princess photos, frozen photos and even character breakfasts but book those first they fill up rather quickly.

There a three pools! one for tots, with a play area and the water slide, one for families near the big screen, and one near the front of the ship which is adults only. In addition to the movies shown poolside, there is a movie theater below deck, that shows current and recent Disney movies, and a theater for shows, comedians, magicians or whatever else they have scheduled.

our home away from home (for a week)

The rooms were average size for a cruise ship, but larger rooms are available if you would like room to move around.


This trip had three stops in the Mexican Riviera; Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

The stops all had plenty of fun and various tours to suit every taste (and many more options are available if you don’t stick to only the ones offered by the cruise line). We chose horseback riding, and a fun water park with a dolphin encounter option.

One of the notable things about the Disney ships is that you have dinner at more than one restaurant. You rotate between them each night. Our ship had Triton’s restaurant, a beautiful little mermaid themed dinner hall.

Then there is Animators Palate which boasts art literally all over the walls. Some of the ‘frames’ feature fun animations that show how characters go from concept art, to the finished characters we know and love. The newest addition is Tiana’s Place, a wonderful New Orleans themed restaurant with live jazz, a Mardi Gras party, world famous beignets and a visit from Tiana herself!

I won’t go on and on about the food we ate, because it will make us all hungry, but everything we had we excellent. There was not one time anyone said they wish they would have ordered something else.


I can not say enough good things about the kids club(s) on the ship. You know it is going to be geared towards fun for kids, you know it is going to be awesome because it is filled with Disney magic they already love, but it was even more  awesomer than you are imagining.  First, you get aMagicband for each of the kiddos . . .

here is Lorelei, lovingly modeling the Magic Band

They have all the info on who is allowed to pick up the kids, including pictures. And the RFID chip inside lets you know where in the facility your kids are when you go to pick them up (which is a blessing as the kids area is huge). The kids are entertained all through the day and night with the club closing up at midnight. The club has science lessons, arts and crafts, a Marvel section with video games, activities, and scheduled appearances from different super heroes, have princess story telling, Andy’s room (from toy story) complete with a twisty slide playground, one television showing Disney Jr. shows, and another showing movies. And that’s just the things we noticed in the limited time we were allowed inside. They save the best for last, all the kids are given a t-shirt, and get on stage in the theater with Mickey and Minnie for a show all the parents (and grandparents and godparents) can come watch.

If your kids want to be picked up the Oceanear’s Club will call your room phone, or will send you  a text message though the Disney cruise app. If your kids never want to leave don’t be dismayed they feed the kids lunch and dinner in the club everyday! I will end my gushing by saying all the staff there are wonderful, patient, caring , and deserve way more credit that they get. By the way, this all just covers the area for 3-11 year-olds, there is are two completely different rooms for the older kids, and a nursery for the younger ones


Door Decor: The door is metal, so feel free to bring some magnets to decorate it! We ordered ours from this store on Etsy, because she was able to custom make the specific ones we wanted.

Fish extenders: This is a non-Disney sponsored activity that we recommend you do. Long story short: you sign up in a Facebook group, and do a secret Santa type thing. For more info, or to sign up, try clicking here, or find the Facebook group for your specific cruise

Disney cruise app:  (iOS  –  ANDROID) the free app has so many cool features, messaging others on the ship (if they have the app). complete schedules for events, showtimes, and character appearances. Restaurant menus, a countdown clock before the cruise

Halloween on the High Seas: Since our trip was during October there were a few extra surprises aboard. There was the Trick-or-treating for the kids, an after hours party for adults, plenty of Disney characters in their costumes, and this Halloween tree. A narrator came out every night, telling spooky stories, and adding more to the tree each night.


Like we said at the start, this trip was so wonderful. The only people that wouldn’t enjoy this are people who dislike cruises (crazy!), or really dislike Disney.

Any questions or thoughts, you can let us know in the comments or email us. Click on any of the images above to see more photographs from our trip.

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