‘Chill’ at the Queen Mary, December 2017

Chill at the Queen Mary

We took the family to Chill at the Queen Mary. Unfortunately, I have to say we didn’t enjoy it, and the kids only barely enjoyed it. Many of the activities weren’t included with the cost of admission, so we wandered around having to apologize to them because something they were looking at (zip line, shuffleboard etc.) wasn’t included.

This little snow area was cool. Next door you could hear a story read by Mrs Clause. The next house over you could meet Santa, but he wasn’t there whenever we went by.

This seemed like a fun place to take a break or enjoy your meal, if you pay the extra cost.

They do try t change it up every year, ad this year they themed it to different countries. Germany, Switzerland and Asia, with decorations, food, and entertainment to match.

We didn’t try any of the food, it was just a bit too expensive, similar to an amusement park ($10 for hot chocolate in a snowman mug). The decorations were great and very photograph-able.

We enjoyed the entertainment we saw.  Especially the acrobats.  There was also a a shortened version of the Rankin and Bass Rudolph in ‘4D’ that the kids loved, and a Christmas themed stage show with singing and dancing.

This tunnel was on a track you could ride bikes on for an additional fee. You could take pictures for free though. Which is a trend we notice all too much, it seems so many events are more worried about the pictures guests will take, and making sure they use the right hashtag, than providing a great experience.

When we left we asked the kids what their favorite things were, and this was the first time they ever mentioned the things they didn’t get to do 🙁

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