Fun in Los Angeles

Here is a list of some of the fun things to do in and around Los Angeles. But we wanted to do something a little different here. Everyone already knows Disneyland is here, the beaches are fantastic, and that we have a wonderful zoo. So this is a list of the lesser known or out of the way things in the area that are worth seeking out.

Abandoned Nazi Camp – This was a Nazi refuge built in the the 1930s, shut down by the US in 1941, and then turned into an artist colony in the 1960s. There are plenty of hiking trails around the area.

Allied Model Trains – A great model train store in Culver City. Spidey loved it!

Comic Conventions – Southern California has so many conventions covering everything from comics to anime to movies to steampunk. here’s a decent list and schedule of conventions in the area.  Here’s some of the ones we’ve been to.

Farmer’s Markets – Too many to list. Some are small and just have produce & vegetables for sale, while others are several blocks with food trucks, and handmade goods.

Griffith Park – Most people we have talked to haven’t seen all there is to do here. There’s the Zoothe observatory, the Autry Museum, the Greek Theater, hiking, the Abandoned Zoo, train rides, horseback riding, train museum and MORE! What have we done there? Click here to see!

The Hollywood Bowl – Do yourself a favor if you’re in L.A. during the summer, treat yourself to a picnic and a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We have, and we love it!

Naturalization Ceremony – See people become American Citizens. Very cool.

Presidential Libraries – We have two in Southern California! Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan

The Queen Mary – Stop by for a photo opp, or stay and learn  some history. Great seasonal events too.

War Ships – visit the S.S. Lane Victory or the U.S.S. Iowa

Movies and Television – Hollywood is here, so there are plenty of activities, and things to see based around films.

2nd Street Tunnel – seen in many films, pictures and music videos.

Bronson Cave – Where a famous scene from Batman ’66 was filmed

Hollywood Forever Cemetery – resting place of many Hollywood stars, but they also have concerts and show movies here

Hollywood Sign – There are plenty of places to see it from, but also take a minute to learn it’s Hollywoodland history

Hollywood Bus Tours – There are a plenty of bus tours of the Hollywood area. We always recommend the City Sights company, although we did the TMZ Bus Tour and enjoyed that one too.

The Los Angeles River – so many movies filmed scenes here, but there’s other fun things to do and learn here too.

Pann’s  – Where the restaurant scene from Pulp Fiction was filmed

Randy’s Donuts – Great donuts, and it’s where that scene in Iron man 2 was filmed.

Studio Tours – Several to choose from; Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, or Warner Brothers.

Union Station – Being a major transportation hub means tons of stuff gets filmed here. It is also a beautiful building with plenty to see that people don’t realize, like gardens and fountains.

Food – Los Angeles has plenty of great places to eat, but here are some that are uniquely Southern California

Canter’s DeliYelp

In & OutYelp



Slater’s 50/50Yelp

This list is definitely not complete, we will add things as we discover them. If you know of any place that should be added to the list, please let us know!

I thought I would add this because it helps out-of-towners really grasp the scale of Los Angeles.  That solid blue line is the L.A. City boundary, it does not include L.A. County.

Los Angeles city covers about 500 square miles and Los Angeles County is approximately 4,750 square miles big. As you can see, many cities (with much better public transportation systems) can fit inside Los Angeles. A common question we hear is “How far is _____ from the beach?” The beach is never a far distance, but that doesn’t mean you can spend the morning at the beach, and quickly get to Griffith Park by the afternoon. 🙂

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